Tom’s Notes 2012

This was the first MSM trip. This would never have happened without the guidance of some very generous scholars mentoring the process. First of all, I would like to honor Skip Messenger for giving us the template of archaeotourism/study tours that he had used with his students. His encouragement and support were the critical first step in the process. This formed our outline of quality and experiencial learning for the MSM trips. Second, I would like to mention that Dr. George Bey. While visiting MN to give a lecture on his research in Kiuic, he helped us formulate this trip. The tour was framed around on his, Tomas Gallareta Negron, and Bill Ringle’s work at Kiuic.
Tomas Gallareta ended up being our guide. A patient and passionate teacher of the rise of what is now known as the Bolonchen Region. We were given timely information about their important research and discovery of the early dating beginning in the Early PreClassic Maya.  Most importantly we had a front row seat to their unfolding of the importance of the Northern Maya Lowlands to the larger Mesoamerican archaeological community. If possible get a copy of National Geographic’s “Quest for the Lost Maya” to get a sense of what our visit entailed.