Tom’s Notes 2014

This was by far the most resilient group of all of the trips. The attached Itinerary had to be modified almost daily, often in multiple ways because of muddy roads limiting access to many of the proposed site visits. In spite of this, the group maintained a sense of humor while being given the daily briefing on what changes were being inflicted on them by Brent and his aide-de-camp Tom Olson. A tremendous trip resulted in many unusal episodes. One which was Brent’s one hour lecture to the group while standing in a tropical downpour in Tikal’s Central Acropolis. Another was the one hour slog into Cancuen in mud (often over the hiking boots inundating our socks and covering our clothes). Also, a great evening in a German Hofbrauhaus in Copan signing German drinking songs with the owner. There was also the storm that drenched us while crossing to the resort in an open launch on the Rio Dulce (that also knocked out the power at the resort for the night). While these are only a few of the stories, they paint a picture of people engaged in quality learning, while laughing their way through chaos. It also highlights Bren’s leadership and creativity in problem solving (skills learned in large part as an archaeolgist working in isolated situations with challenging issues)